SOCSA works many programs that relevant to its community, over the past 18 years, we have implements tremendous projects and program which change the live of vulnerable people and in particularly girls from poor family in main 4 regions of Somaliland.


SOCSA started sports activities for girls in 2001 and still continue to provide young girls these services. SOCSA has established the only recreational center for girls (basket ball, volley ball, table tennis and other indoor games).


The Somali culture plays a vital role in the Somaliland Society. Therefore, SOCSA invited the old professional folklore from the regions in 2002 and trained young talented boys and girls who become the TOT of culture.


In 2002 SOCSA observed and assessed the general situation of girls and women in IDPs and low income family in education aspects. The organization recognized that the rate of illiteracy and numeracy of girls and women is too high. Then, the organization established four non-formal education classes which hosted 300 women and girls.


SOCSA is well known for its widespread campaigns that it holds within the community through its unique why of awareness campaigns and educates people against HIV/AIDS, FGC, Health issues and Sanitation. SOCSA uses its young people trained Participatory theatre and culture group to give awareness against the harmful practice of FGM.


SOCSA produces radio broadcasting and mainly the programs based on awareness to society from the harmful thing like FGM/C, HIV/AIDS etc. Radio programs are released the local radio in one day of each week. Most of our programs regarding the needs of the community and the matters having the community, the organization started these radio broadcasting programs in 2003 which supported by UNICEF.