Our Programs

Building and supporting young people live is our main mission, equipping the necessary tools and skills! 

We offer useful projects

Feel, think and solve our community problems!

Vocational Training

If you have any questions, or need help, just contact us and our support team will immediately help you.


Give financial opportunities for the mothers who are struggling to cover their family financial.


To have young girls who physical fit and strong can contribute to have sharp mind.

Human Rights

Protecting any form of harm and violence to our girls and women is our the main mandate.

Media Productions

We provide young girls a media production training, to create media opportunity.

Heath Awareness

We provide health awareness through drama exhibitions and peer to peer sessions.


We were the first organization start traditional dances. Inspired many young boys and girls.


Without any coding knowledge you We engage young people to start their own business, training business management tools.

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