Somaliland: Read or Work without PLAY Makes Muhubo a Very Very Dull Girl

Although sports activities are an important part of life, girls in Somaliland continue to be spectators rather than participants. While browsing our many websites I came across at a very beautiful picture of a Somali lady ball juggling with her feet that I thought our minister of youth and sports ought to see. With the importance […]
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Agaasimaha Wasaaradan Warfaafinta Somaliland oo tababr u furay Labaatan Hablood oo suxuufiyiina

Hargeysa – (warsoor) – Agaasimaha Guud ee Wasaarada Warfaafinta iyo Wacyigelinta Jamhuuriyada Somaliland Faysal Cali Sheekh ayaa Maanta tababar ay ka qayb qaadan doonaan labaatan hablood oo warbaahinta dalka ka kala socda waxa uu maanta uga furay xarunta ururka Soksa. Labaatankan hablood oo mudo labaatan cisho ah ku baran doona duruus la xidhiidh habka aasaasiga […]
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Somaliland: Celebration Of Art And Culture

When you first walked into the Panorama Hall that night, one could not help but notice the paintings that lined the walls. Thirteen gifted artists based here in Hargeysa, displayed beautiful images reflecting traditional and contemporary Somali society. Paintings of camels walking with grace as they were led across the plains, to those drawing attention […]
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