Somaliland Culture and Sports Association (SOCSA)

SOCSA is a non-profit, non-governmental and a voluntary humanitarian organization which operates in Somaliland regions and established in 2000. The organization was set up to address the social and economic problems facing children, youth and women. SOCSA works to support young girls, children, women and refugee people who have low income by offering free education, income generation, micro-credit support, empowering through skills, trainings, protection human rights and health care. Additionally the organization provides sports and recreational services for young girl as to build young girls mentally and physically. The organization also gives both young girls and boys for folklore dance trainings.

SOCSA has youth multi-purpose center which is the only resource center for girls in Somaliland. Young girls as young as 11 years come to the center to benefit from the various activities and resources provides multipurpose center. SOCSA youth multipurpose center is a bee hive of youth activities—basketball, internet, library, production radio and television broadcasting programs, magazine, internship and job training. Being one of the cores of SOCSA programs, SOCSA Youth Multi Purpose Center was founded in 2005 and is designed to provide essential social services to young people particularly girls. However, the center expects shortly to offer similar schemes for boys. The center currently provides to youth and adolescents the following services:

  • Sports and recreational services, where girls enjoy appropriate space and facilities for both indoor and outdoor games.
  • Multipurpose Hall, which hosts cultural activities, workshops and dramas rehearsing.
  • Library/Continuous Learning Center, which accommodates NFE classes, and a library which provides development and academic materials/texts.
  • Voluntary counseling and psychosocial support, which provides opportunities for youth to share information on FGM, STDs, HIV/AID and (Kat/Skin Bleaching)
  • Implementation of FGC, STD and HIV awareness raising programs
  • Advocacy for rights of street children through participation of commemorations of international days like African child day, human rights day, women’s day and other events for human rights protection.

The two main tools that the organization applies to awareness is participatory education theatre performed by young professional performers supported by professional composers who composes drama scripts and the other tool is the usage of local media and the organization media department who produce radio and television programs and disseminates the needs and problems of women, children and youth. Finally, all SOCSA programs give highest consideration for young girls and women.

Currently, SOCSA’s key partners are included: UNICEF, EDC, TOSTAN, UNDP, UNESCO, AED/USAID, OXFAM NOVIB, OXFAM Austria, PROGRESSIO, DRC, NRC, CARE International, SAVE THE CHILDREN ALLIANCE, PSI, GCN, MINISTRY OF YOUTH AND SPORT, Ministry of Labor and social affairs, Ministry of Education, and other important stakeholders in somaliland.


SOCSA aspires to see youth, children and women survived from all violence, killer diseases, and bad customs and living with a prosperous life in any dimension.

  • MISSION STATEMENTSOCSA strives to educate and consults youth, children and women by providing trainings and skills, income generation, and physical education (PE) in order to constitute negative attitude into positive image through mobilization, awareness campaigns, participatory education theater and media by addressing primarily needs.


The core objectives of the organization are to:

  1. Provide vocational training, income generation & FLECs to youth, children and women from disadvantaged backgrounds/sectors including returnees, IDPs, minorities and people with disabilities.
  2. Raise/organize awareness campaigns about human rights, health care including HIV/AIDS, STDs, FGM and polio through youth initiatives.
  3. Develop/Create sports and recreational centers and Activities for young girls in six main regional cities.
  4. Provide non-formal education and other essential support to the above stated target group living on the street and in IDP camps.
  5. Teach young people Somali culture and traditions
  6. Train young people in media skills to share information through radio, television, newspapers and online publications.


  1. SOCSA believes in unity, collaboration, justice and the common sharing of economical opportunities for a better future.
  2. SOCSA is committed to prevent bad image that will have negative impact to the community.
  3. SOCSA implements projects and programs in accordance to the fundamental needs of the community.
  4. Encourage/help communities on how to communicate their prior needs and how present though have the decision to cope with.
  5. Protects the rights of women, children and youth
  6. Teach the community the ability to be self-sufficient and to develop itself.