About Us

SOCSA is a local woman Association, non-profitable, non-political, non-governmental established on December 12th 2000 by members of ex-play and other members came together and established for the community services.


Our vision is to create a better everyday life for the young people.


Our main mission is to offer a wide range of a professional skills, physical education, income generation services at the highest effort as best as possible in order to help young people who could not affordable to get public or private education and sports.


Our core values is determined by: Teamwork,balance, community and environment, integrity, passion for results, respect and open communication.


The goals of the organization shall cover all the seven areas of intervention namely Physical Education, Microfinance, vocational training center, Human rights, Health program, Media and Entrepreneurship. The organization aims to reach the goals listed below:

  1. To provide physical education with a variety of activities which will motivate and increase participation of young girls.
  2. To provide women with the financial support to start business ventures and actively participate in the economy.
  3. To equip young girls with the skills necessary to compete in the job market.
  4. To protect the rights of young girls from any physical and mental abuses.
  5. To protect young people and community Health hazards including HIV/AIDs.

Our Objectives

The objectives of the organization shall be:


  1. The physical education program will teach the girls to establish lifelong fitness goals.
  2. Microfinance will give women confidence, improves their status and makes them more active in decision-making and encouraging gender equality.
  3. To equip trainees with special needs with vocational and work skills as preparation for plumper, electricity and tailoring.
  4. To equip young girls the knowledge of human rights and empower them to participate in human rights advocacy programs.
  5. To provide young girls for the right awareness to protect their health. 

What we do

SOCSA mainly works for young girls and women in general. The main programs that SOCSA considers over the past years are: Physical Education, Microfinance, vocational training, Human rights, Health program, Media and Entrepreneurship.

Therefore SOCSA decided to promote the development of young girls so as to create a better future and encourage them so as to do something their souls and reach confidence.

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